We just found a stack of photos that we saved from realestate.com.au just after we originally purchased the Wembley house. Craziness. Looking back on the images, it’s great to see how the new house footprint will sit over the old one. It also reminded us of how high the original house sat on the block. It was one of the positives that attracted us to the house – the natural fall of the land was quite high and undulated towards the front of the block, giving it a great elevated position.


One of the other positives that was a real selling point for the area were the rear access laneways throughout most of the suburb. We loved the idea of not having to take up valuable space at the front of the house with a garage, rather, focus on utilising the most of the 15 and a bit metres of width with our new home’s façade.  So we’re making the most of it and plonking a garage out the back of the place, out of sight.


We’ll continue to give you some insight into what we’re designing soon. In the meantime, check out the photos of the original house, pre-demolition…

The Before Shots... the house that used to stand

The before shots… the house that used to stand…


We can’t wait to actually see our own place, completed, on the site… finger’s crossed that’s a reality come Easter 2015!