While the decision to demolish the house on the land was the right one for us, it wasn’t an easy one when push came to shove. It was someone’s family home. A place where memories had been made, children born and birthdays and special occasions celebrated.


It was quite apparent that the previous owners of the property loved their roses. There were some very old, very beautiful specimens in the garden, some of which we attempted to remove. We’ve repotted a few and we’re currently nurturing them in our temporary digs in the hope that we can replant them when it’s time to landscape our place. It’ll be nice to pay some respects to the history of the place and its previous occupants.


Salvaged roses from the previous owner's garden

Image: Salvaged roses from the previous owner’s garden

It was also one of the most popular houses on the street at Christmas time as the previous owners loved decorating their family home with an incredible array of Christmas decorations and lights – it certainly drew some visitors and I think there were a few disappointed faces when they came around last Christmas to see a flattened site and sand pit.


You see, our street is a very popular one to visit in the lead up to Christmas as many homes are adorned with lights and fanfare… more on that later in the planning phase for electricals, but let’s just say we’re forward planning for a lighting spectacular!


In the end though, we just hope that our new home creates just as many wonderful memories as the home and family before it.