Who knew that choosing windows would be SUCH an ordeal?! Tough decision. Especially trying to get them right on the plans.


With Gino’s OCD behaviour coming to the forefront during this process (thanks to his focus on symmetry) it was a really important process to go through.


What sort of windows? What style? Colour? How many? What format? How high? Endless variations and options that drove us a little batty.


With the slab down, we needed to get a move on selecting the windows so that the frames could be ordered and ready in time for when the brickies commenced.


They may seem insignificant but windows do play a very big role in the overall look of a home. We’re not big fans of awning type windows and didn’t feel that they would work with the aesthetic of our home. We also wanted to make sure we had plenty of cross-ventilation and natural light streaming through the home – so placement, size and layout was paramount.


Some online inspiration we found

Some online inspiration we found – find links here

With our overall inspiration being that of a Hamptons-style home, we did some research and come up with some ideas of what we were after. Marie’s family home has beautiful old timber framed double hung windows and she still loves the look of them. The only downfall with them though is that they can be quite stubborn to open due to weathering and age. With that as another design cue, Gino hit the road to find out how to actually achieve it the look, keeping functionality and long-term maintenance in mind.


With an eye on planning regulations, we set out to achieve the best result we could and with the help of our draftsman and our selected window supplier, Avanti Windows, we came up with our selections. The two Joes, (Joe Germano our drafty and Joe Dinh from Avanti) were super helpful in guiding us.


Being in Wembley, we wanted the windows we chose to reflect the nature of the suburb and took inspiration from our surrounding neighbours. So many of the houses in the area, as well as those in surrounding suburbs such as Floreat and Subiaco, have old school sash and double-hung windows featuring. We love the look that these window types give each of the homes in our area, and we found that Avanti had the perfect ones for us – double hung windows complete with little decorative sash horns to give the windows some perfect detailing. The window profile also has a lovely bevel edge detail that just adds to the overall character and beauty of the frame.


These are the windows we chose from Avanti - more info here

These are the windows we chose from Avanti – more info here

What was also important in our decision was the colour and profile of the frames themselves. Again, we wanted them to look a little more in keeping with our surrounds and felt that a chunkier, more timber-like looking frame would be required. So again, with Avanti’s help, we selected a beautiful matt finish frame in a colour called White Satin using a commercial frame that gave us the profile we were after.


During this decision-making process we also discovered that double hung windows provide superb ventilation for your home, one that you can control precisely. You can maximise ventilation by opening both the top and the bottom sashes – this means that cool, fresh air is drawn in from the bottom section while stale, warm air exits through the top. Naturally, this will lend itself to keeping your home cooler. Using double hung windows also means you can just have one sash open a little, or the whole way, depending on your needs. Another interesting tid bit is that double hung windows don’t protrude out from the frame which is perfect for walkway, alfresco or front verandah areas where access is important.


Oh and as much as we would have loved to have had timber framed windows, we went with aluminium frames for a number of important reasons to us; cost, longevity and maintenance. We hope we’ve managed to strike the right balance between form, functionality and visual aesthetics. Time will certainly tell.


Can’t wait to rip the darn black plastic off to unveil the frames! *