We recently wrote an article to feature in the Autumn Winter 2015 Issue of the latest Home Base magazine. If you’re a reader of the blog, you may know that Gino is the general manager at Home Base in Subiaco, so it’s an opportunity for him to continue sharing his knowledge about the process of owner-building to anyone who’s thinking about tackling such a project. Nothing like practising what you preach, right?


West Australians seem to be very keen on the idea of owner building, with the Home Base Owner-Builder course usually selling out on a monthly basis (that’s around 90 people a month). The course offers those thinking about owner-building the opportunity to contribute 60 points to the require 100 or 120 points checklist (depending on the complexity of the project) as prescribed by the Building Commission. You can find all the relevant information on the WA Building Commission website.


Here’s the article in all its glory:

The Home Base Autumn Winter 2015 magazine!

The Home Base Autumn Winter 2015 magazine!


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We hope that this blog (and article) continues to give owner-builders in Perth (and across the country) a little more insight into what’s involved and what the responsibilities are throughout it all.


You can pick up your free copy of the 124 page Home Base magazine in-centre now, or alternatively if you can’t get to Home Base in Subiaco, Western Australia, you can always read the full digital version online at on the Home Base website! *