This owner-builder thing is TIME-CONSUMING! Think we might have mentioned it before, but we’ll reiterate. It’s tough going. Time-consuming. Pretty exhausting too. Especially when you both work full-time.


But we’re not complaining, in fact, we’re still managing to enjoy the process a fair bit. And stay sane too. Winner!


Unfortunately though, this little blog has suffered as a result. It’s been a little easier to keep updating our Facebook though, so you can see lots of progress updates for the build on there.


We’ll definitely get back to blogging as soon as things settle – we still want to document the technical process and offer tips where we can. For now though, as we get set to finish off the house, with possible move in just weeks away, we’ll keep you up to date with all the happenings with more regular posts on Facebook… join us there.


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Find us on Facebook -

Find us on Facebook –